Nagasaki Logos 2023

2023 | Branding Design

ART : : Siori Kitajima

We designed the logo for friends' offices and brands in Nagasaki.

After relocating to Nagasaki, we named PatternBased's music studio 'HimiTone.' The name is derived from the area where the studio is located, called 'Himi.' The logo represents the sea and the morning sun seen from Himi.

An administrative corporation Office Citrus in Nagasaki. Citrus is bright, creative, and future-oriented administrative scriveners. The logo represents their name 'Citrus' using a hexagon, which is considered to bring stability and good fortune, in traditional Japanese pattern style.

Nagasaki Delca, a popular handmade pudding specialty shop that emphasizes local ingredients. The logo aims to capture the delightful experience of its creamy goodness by using the shape of the spoon-scooping, smoothly melting pudding.


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