PatternBased is Music and Art. Sound and Vision.
We love challenges and unknowns, as well as our go-to core mediums.


Sound Design




Data Viz

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PatternBased is the best of the world. And the bunnies.

– The goat that lives next door to the Movaje studio


Composing and Custom Work

The case for custom music is easy to make. Every event, every scene, every thing that needs music is different and the music should be too. Music and sound design can convey an incredibly specific mixture of ideas and emotions. A good composer can make that happen whether you are telling a story about college athletes in swampy Scooba Mississippi with uncertain futures, the future of technology in Singapore or you just need a unique bombastic build for the unveiling of your new brand.
We love composing and have created custom music for just about anything one could think of from films and Netflix/streaming shows to VR and Installations. We like working on unique original projects from around the world. We dream of working on a cool cartoon like Adventure Time or a VR experience that creates meditative states or perhaps interface design for flying vehicles. Get at us with your wildest ideas.

Music Licensing

PatternBased produces an ever expanding catalog of textural/emotive sound and music that covers a wide range of moods and notions. Licensing those works is a core activity of PatternBased. We license individual tracks, full albums or the entire catalog on a per project basis. Every PatternBased track is available for licensing. Stems/splits are available for any track as well.

Multimedia Design

A good cover can enhance a story, a good interface can enhance an experience, and a good data visualization can illuminete a set of research data. We design those bridges between the content and the audience: covers for albums and books, websites and apps, wearables and objects. We also create and code animations and interactions. We often start the design process by asking for five adjectives to fully imagine what the result should feel like. Read more about our multimedia design process and examples here.



We embrace complexity. We eschew narrow genres and reductive binaries. We love math, science and reason. We love the natural world. We love examining cultures and ideas. We love exploring new technologies, software and hardware. We love learning about the past and pondering the future. We love the underdog. We are worried like you.
We pay the bills by creating things like music for film, album art and book covers, installations and interactions. We are always working to strike a balance between championing the new/the unknown/the underdog and colossal feats of said bill-paying.
If there is a such thing as talent, it is not nearly important as time. Generally, the quality of a thing is determined by the amount of time spent on that thing. That time is a slice of the limited and unknown time we all have and that time is invaluable. We appreciate your time and we hope you appreciate ours.

Artist Community

As we fully own the rights to our creations, when you hire us and license our work, you can be sure that your money is going directly to the PatternBased artists that created the thing you are paying for. This is not true for most license-able things, especially in the world of music. Do you really want to pay the CEO of a giant media company for music that he didn’t create? Ya, neither do we.
PatternBased is a community focused, artist-centric tax paying entity run by artists Siori Kitajima (北島志織) and Joseph Minadeo from a quiet spot in Nagasaki, Japan (We relocated from the Mojave desert in 2022).
We are friends to rabbits everywhere. Say hi to Orlando and Corabelle. The best bunnies in the world.

How We Can Support You

If you are an independent smaller budget artist focused on forward thinking creations, we can offer discounted rates for licensing and possibly even composing. If you are just getting started in any type of creation, we might be able to help with music, code or advice. We love to be of service to our fellow creatives. We will also be restarting our Bunny San Tachi artist residency called the Tiny Arts Prize in southwest Japan possibly in 2023 depending on how the pandemic plays out.

How You Can Suport Us

We are a small boutique entity and every penny counts. You can support us by licensing our music for your projects. If you are a listener of music, you can purchase our albums at Bandcamp which is our preferred 3rd party vendor. You can also purchase t-shirts and merch at this page. Or you can just enjoy our various creations and maybe spread the word to others who might enjoy or purchase our work. We are also working on a tip system for micropayments. You can even send us crypto if you are into that sort of thing.


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