Georgia EMC ScoreCard

2023 | Data Visualization

ART+CODE : : Siori Kitajima

The Georgia EMC ScoreCard was created as a part of the movement 'BillsAreTooHigh' that review the operations and services of Electric Membership Corporations (EMC) in the state of Georgia, USA. EMCs are non-profit entities in which the users of electricity, who are also members, operate the company themselves. However, there are significant problems with disparities among members and the decline in the quality of management and autonomy.

For this project, Dr. Kristin Phillips and her research team at Emory University thoroughly researched 41 EMCs and their members throughout the state of Georgia, scoring them in three categories of governance, finance, and service. PatternBased used this data to create this interactive data visualization that compares the score of EMCs with the racial and economic characteristics of each counties on the Georgia maps. When you click on the map to open the scorecard, animations appear in the background. The animations are linked to the score, and when the score is higher, happier animations are displayed.

It was a wonderful experience to participate in this meaningful project with enthusiastic and sincere people. Thanks to the director Wan, Dr. Kristin, and everyone at Georgia Conservation Voters and Emory University.


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