2015 | Album

MUSIC : : The PatternBased Corporation

ART : : Siori Kitajima

Roughly translating to '(It feels like) rainy' in Japanese, Amehuru (あめふる) is a collection of ambient pieces inspired by the art of Siori Kitajima.
Layers of piano, field recordings, grain manipulations and curated sounds are stacked and edited to flow like the curves and layers of Kitajima’s works.
With contributions from friends Ben Vehorn, Corey Farrow, Jacob Trombetta, Jeremy Bible, TK Broderick, Tim Conley, Jeff Vita, Michael Tolan, Flora Nevarez and projects Gnosotros & Terraces.
The primary tools on this album are piano, guitar, Yamaha CS-70M, field recordings, Samplr, Paulstretch, Borderlands, various other soft/grain synths and a large collection of EarthQuaker Devices guitar pedals. Assembled in Ableton. Recorded 2010-2015 in Akron and Kent, Ohio + LA, SF & 29 Palms, California.
It is 3 hrs and 20 mins of peaceful tones meant to help facilitate painting and relaxing.

Album Available at Bandcamp


by Joseph Minadeo


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