'Synaesthesia' Premiered

Dec 3, 2023

Synaesthesia, an interactive audio/visual installation, made its debut in Tokyo in November 2023 at the 'Buffalo Daughter 30th Anniversary Final + Essential Tremors Tokyo' event at Shibuya Club Quattro. Developed using Touch Designer and VCV Rack, this innovative piece utilizes multiple channels of generative video and audio, influencing each other in diverse ways. Special thanks to EarthQuaker Devices for making this creation possible.

Synaesthesia, a captivating phenomenon, allows you to experience one sense through another. Imagine hearing music and simultaneously perceiving it as an image or color.

In this installation, your actions directly influence and bring about changes in both the music and visuals. The music and visuals are generated in real-time, ensuring a unique experience with every interaction. No two encounters will ever be the same.

An Interactive Audio/Visual Installation


by PatternBased


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