Album 'Forrest - Remimagined' Released

Nov 23, 2023

This remix album 'Forrest - Remimagined' was released on Infraction Records on Sep 6th, 2023. From Infraction: Ten years ago, Warren Kroll, as Forrest, recorded 'Beyond the Withered Hills' (i, absentee 2014) - a mesmerizing ambient album of windswept drones and drifts, capturing the essence of a sonic journey through vast and boundless landscapes. The passage of time did not fade its allure, but instead, an audacious remixing endeavor by Joseph Minadeo unleashed its true transformative potential. Like uncovering an underwater relic lost in the depths of the sea, this reimagined creation has birthed a submersive, aquatic melancholic alternate piece. Each reimagined track now resonates with a echoed piano, bringing the listener into a surreally submerged realm.
Standard edition of 217 copies on 180 gram black vinyl, 112 copies on 140 gram clear vinyl with smoke.

Album Available at Infraction Records

Forrest - Remimagined

by Joseph Minadeo


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